Ross Management Group has a long and proud history of working with brokers and agents. We focus on marketing and managing our buildings, and we hope you'll take advantage of this by focusing on introducing us to new tenants.

Our emphasis on marketing doesn't come at a cost to you. We protect our brokers with full commission, and from time to time we offer additional incentives to lease spaces.

We'll also protect your interests on the renewal, even if we end up negotiating the terms of the new deal. We always welcome your help in re-signing tenants, but our aim is to keep things simple, so you can concentrate on finding new tenants.


We've been in acquisition mode for many years, and while we're conservative with the numbers, we'll move quickly for the right deal. And for many deals, we can self-finance.

Our priority is finding properties in New Jersey. We're interested in looking at any opportunities that currently generate income, but we're not afraid of a vacant building, either. Please feel free to send us information on industrial, office, retail, and even residential properties. Our portfolio is exclusively multi-tenant, so any properties must either be multi-unit or have potential for subdivision.